Having a 3 month old baby with severe silent reflux was one of the hardest times of our lives. Our gorgeous little baby boy would cry for hours on end and was completely un put downable to the point where he'd only ever sleep on us even at night. Caroline didn't make any false promises and she respected and followed all of the medical advice we'd been given but in two days had totally transformed him. 

She provided practical advice on living with reflux on a day to day basis. From sleeping arrangements to feeding routines and to administering his medication. She was the only person who seemed to understand the day to day challenges of living with reflux and the practical issues it can cause. Within two days our baby was sleeping on his own, napping for longer in the day and drinking more milk and as a result began putting on more weight. Caroline helped us get the most from our paediatric appointments and also offered reassurance during the bad days. 

I can honestly say working with Caroline was the best decision we could've made for our new family I and can't thank her enough. I don't think our little boy would be as smiley and happy as he is now had it not been for her help. 

Mrs B


I have known Caroline for over a year now, and we have remained in close contact ever since. The support she has given me as a new mother has been invaluable. I had 2 boys within 14 months and Caroline was able to help me every step of the way. Her knowledge of childcare, babies and children in general is unmatched. What I love the most is that Caroline is a mother herself, and therefore advises other mothers in an understanding and companionate way. I consulted with Caroline on several issues I faced with my boys - including (but not limited to) breastfeeding, sleep, routines, allergies, weaning, menu and recipe ideas. She has even helped and guided me in finding the right childcare for my children for which I am extremely grateful. I can safely say that Caroline is not only a highly trusted childcare professional in my life, she has also become a friend. I highly recommend her as a childcare consultant for families with children of any age. 

Mrs J


Caroline has been helping me and my family on and off for over 3 years now, and has been so incredibly supportive. She helped us get diagnoses for a severe but hard to spot tongue tie and bad reflux with my eldest, then picked up my youngest daughter’s cows’ milk protein allergy. In among all this she has given invaluable advice about all sorts of sleep (or lack of it) situations, teething, weaning, potty training, sibling arrival and even about what baby gear would best suit us. We were introduced to Caroline via friends and are very grateful that they did so! 

Mrs S


Caroline has been an enormous support to me during several key stages of X’s development. Firstly at the crucial point of getting her to sleep through the night, which I was struggling with, until Caroline gave me all the tools to achieve. Caroline is empathetic, confidence giving and was sensitive to both X’s and my needs, adapting the routine to suit us both. Within days things were falling into place and my confidence had grown - and I was getting more sleep! At the weaning point, she helped again and made the process fun and interesting for both X and I, which it continues to be. Having Caroline’s help gave me stability and support when I needed it most and I don't know how I would have done it without her!

Mrs V


I have an 8 month old son who suffers with severe feeding problems. From 5 weeks old we have had nothing but endless struggle trying to get my baby treated correctly. Our GP and local paediatrician did not believe my son had any issues. Caroline however took the time to go through every symptom, feeding detail, video's, medicines, milks and asked every question she could think to get to the bottom of our problems. As a result of this she suggested to me the possibility my son was struggling with a cow’s milk protein allergy and reflux so I persisted with my local paediatrician and he referred us to specialist in that area. My son was immediately diagnosed with allergies and oesophageal reflux as well as food aversion and finally received the correct investigations and treatment needed. Caroline gave me more information and help in that first 1 hour of her time than any health professional had in 4 months. Before talking to Caroline I had no hope my son would ever get better, I was severely stressed and emotionally exhausted; she made me optimistic and kept me going as the support and knowledge was quite literally second to none. I would highly recommend anybody struggling with their little ones to contact this lady, she really will guide you through what I have to say is the hardest battle I have faced so far. Caroline from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

Ms I


I could never thank Caroline enough for all her invaluable help and support and above all kindness she has shown our family. We would never have navigated our daughters reflux and allergies without her help and guidance and for that I am forever grateful. Whilst supporting us Caroline quickly picked up that there may be a reflux/allergy issue and sent us to a world class doctor and has held my hand ever since through the various obstacles it has presented us. I honestly don’t think I could have managed without her. We have never met in person but I know that she genuinely cares and always goes above and beyond. Whether it be arranging for our prescription to be filled in France when X’s desperately needed meds were temporarily unavailable in the UK or checking in constantly whilst X was in hospital.

We hope to shortly be welcoming our second daughter into the world and the only thing I can't do without is Caroline’s help for both the baby and the support she offers me. Caroline's expertise is second to none and she always carefully considers each problem and often offers up several solutions and leaves it to myself and my husband to consider for ourselves. I know that with Caroline as part of our team we can ensure we are doing the best for X and raising a happy healthy child to the best of our ability. 

Caroline is like hidden treasure that I want to share with anyone whose child suffers from reflux or similar as there is no one better equipped to help them.

Thank you X1 million,

Mrs B


I got to hear about Caroline through a close friend of mine who could not recommend her highly enough.   As a soon-to-be first time mother, I was extremely anxious about how little my husband or I actually knew about looking after a baby and I felt we were in need of some help and guidance!  I can honestly say that contacting Caroline was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

To say she has been invaluable would be an understatement.  Caroline's depth of knowledge, understanding and expertise with regards to babies, children and parenting is second to none.  She has played a huge part in guiding me through the first few challenging months of motherhood, advising me on a whole range of areas including breast and bottle feeding, sleep and daytime routines, different stages of development, weaning and various health issues. Indeed, my son had a severe problem with reflux and dairy/lactose intolerance and it was entirely due to Caroline that we got this diagnosed as soon as we did and got the help we needed.  Very early on she alerted us to the signs and symptoms and helped us find a suitable specialist.  She has also been brilliant at advising us on how to manage the condition on a day to day basis.  The fact that our son is as well as he is today is largely thanks to Caroline.

It is not only Caroline’s knowledge and experience that makes her so amazing.  She is also incredibly kind, caring and compassionate and always goes above and beyond to be of help.  Her words of encouragement and support have given me the confidence and self-belief to be the mother I am today.  Both my husband and I owe Caroline a huge depth of gratitude.

Mrs K


I have used Caroline‚Äôs consultancy several times. Her help and guidance has been invaluable. As soon as I finish speaking with Caroline, I have new tools and a fresh outlook to help me through whatever parenting issue has arisen. Caroline doesn‚Äôt offer just one solution to the problem ‚Äďshe offers up an impressive range of ideas that I can try immediately. Caroline's website¬†is an excellent resource that we have shared with our friends and family. Whenever parenting questions arise (and they inevitably do), I call on Caroline for that extra support that can‚Äôt be found in a book.

Thank you for all of the excellent advice and support. My husband and I are so impressed by the time and care you took with our concerns. I am already seeing changes in X‚Äôs behaviour (as well as my own!). I don‚Äôt know what we would have done without your guidance. We were stuck in a rut ‚Äď and you helped move our whole family forward.

Mrs P


I had my daughter on the xx/xx/xx, after the first four weeks of my little girl suffering with numerous ailments, doctors and health visitors assuming my child was like everybody else’s. I felt a little lost and insecure. I didn’t know where to turn. I had met Caroline whilst being a nanny in London; she happily came to my rescue. Instead of immediately saying it’s this, it’s that, she asked me what I thought, asked me lots of questions, to gain the most knowledge and then gave advice accordingly.

It helped that she gave lots of options to try as all babies are different. I took in everything that was said, and spoke to my husband, we both worked as a team to follow ideas, our little girl is now sleeping better, eating better, being more awake during the day and contented especially of an evening. We put into place a routine that was suggested and it’s made the world of difference to us all, days and nights are kinder all round.

I cannot thank Caroline enough, without her unbelievable knowledge and kind advice and support I would still be a confused and insecure first time mum. Now I feel when difficulties occur, and changes will need to be made I will be able to tackle them head on and confidently.  If I need advice I know Caroline will be an ear and listen and help me if I need it.

Thank you Caroline, you have helped me become the confident mum I always wanted to be.

Mrs M


We wanted to write to say thank you very much for how well you dealt with X and I recently. Your empathy and understanding for how tough things were was exactly what we needed. I quickly built up trust in you (not an easy thing for me). I believed that you wanted to help us work out what the issue was with X, quickly yet methodically. To be honest when my best friend recommended your email and phone service I was a little sceptical. I couldn’t get my head around how you could advise on a baby remotely when I felt you would need to see her to be able to understand her. Now I totally understand…we could be your eyes and ears and with your wealth of knowledge and experience it made us a dream team! To say we were broken before we got you involved was an understatement; we felt we were barely surviving on a few hours sleep a night for 7 months. After our 48 hour diary and going through all your questions you quickly deduced that it could be a dairy issue. After a bit of a battle with our GP once we got the neocate milk prescribed within a few days she was like a totally different baby. If only we’d got you involved sooner rather than suffer in silence!

I am thrilled to say that X is so much more content now (now an angel baby like her sister) and clearly no longer suffering with discomfort. She is also now sleeping from 7pm till 6.30am which is life changing for all concerned!

You really are one of lifes angels and I’m so grateful that our paths crossed.

Ever grateful and in your debt,

Mrs W


The depth and breadth of your experience is really quite extraordinary. I was always amazed that you had clear, researched and thought through answers for anything I asked you. You even managed to throw in a little well timed marriage counselling as a value add! Thank you for helping me believe in my ability to breastfeed and learn how to enjoy the here and now with my two gorgeous boys. You made everything seem achievable and every decision a positive one. I can’t tell you how precious that support has been.

Mrs N


I have known Caroline approximately 10 years (consultations and reciprocal referrals of clients for infant feeding support). I have personally watched Caroline in interactions with mothers and babies and I found Caroline to be one of the most skilled and conscientious infant care and infant feeding practitioners I have observed and worked with.

Caroline's skill and knowledge of breastfeeding is excellent, and her interaction with mothers and babies is caring, sensitive, intuitive, supportive and respectful.

Caroline's demeanour is lovely and non-judgemental yet confident. She inspires trust in her honest and reliability in her skills and knowledge.

Caroline is passionate about infant feeding and has a special interest in Tongue Tie, GORD and CMPI (and other allergies) that may impact on the mother and infants feeding journey.

I have no reservations in recommending Caroline and the services she provides.



Words cannot begin to describe how much we have appreciated all your support over the last three weeks- and even before that, during my pregnancy. We simply couldn’t have coped without you. You have given X the very best start in life and instilled in us an understanding of what she wants and needs and with that has come confidence. Your wealth of experience and advice has been invaluable, particularly on breast feeding. Hoping for you that you won’t be finger feeding again anytime soon! On a personal level, I will never forget and will always be grateful for your immense support and strength during one of the most difficult periods of my life- embracing the joy of parenthood and mourning the loss of a parent.

We will miss you so much- Thank you for everything. All our love,

Mr and Mrs TD


My daughter only ever slept through up to she was 4 months. After that she used to be up anything up to 10 times a night. She was associating milk with her sleep and used to get through 2 bottles of full fat milk though the night, with also having a good dinner. Her sleep deprivation started to get very disturbing as I also started back at work. This became a big problem as I wasn't able to concentrate at work or even when I came back home. Just a few months before her 2nd birthday, I contacted Caroline.  Caroline is a true professional in this field. She's very easy to talk too, always approachable and really has researched, tried and tested solutions. She is also very understanding in different situations and works out a method that's right for you and your child.

 She defiantly exceeded my expectations. I'm very grateful to Caroline for the changes she made and her expert advice and understanding throughout the whole process. I would recommend her to everyone with babies and children she is brilliant!

Mrs G


We were struggling to stick to a routine during the daytime with my two girls, a toddler and newborn who had been premature. Every day ended with an overtired screaming baby and me feeling so guilty after dragging my toddler around and loosing my temper with her whilst I tried to get baby asleep in the sling or cot. I felt that as second time parents we should know what to do! I felt like I was in desperate need of help but didn’t know whether we could justify the cost of speaking to someone. It felt like a luxury that so many people do without, why could I not cope?

We quickly realised how important it was for me to speak to someone, to take me out of the endless back and forths in my head about how I should be solving our parenting ‚Äėproblems‚Äô.

We suddenly had a clear idea of how I and my partner could make changes to benefit our family.

Caroline was so supportive and nurturing, helping me to navigate not only a cow’s milk protein intolerance, tongue tie issues, and also my own mental health. She was someone I could be totally honest with, I could voice any little worry no matter how small. Caroline went above and beyond.

She helped ease my anxiety and I was able to remind myself that I had it under control. I wasn’t doing too badly! My partner had been so worried about how he could help solve our day to day issues but our second child was so different to the first. We were finding it exhausting both trying to research what to do. For him knowing that I could ask someone questions and getting help really put his mind at ease. I would recommend Caroline to anyone who feels like they need impartial support from someone who isn’t a family member or friend. Who is struggling to navigate the endless world of help and hearsay online.


Mrs L




Our child was waking up upset incredibly frequently overnight and several colleagues of my husband had recommended Caroline. I worried that she would ask/advise me to do things that I had read about as being the standard first line advice (e.g. online/in books), but felt wrong or unachievable for us. I wondered whether she could suggest anything new or different to what I had read. It was tiring to contemplate having to justify all of our parenting decisions to someone new.

Caroline’s services exceeded my expectations. She suggested a multitude of things I had not heard of or previously considered, and added lots of tips and thoughts that were very practical (including recipes!). In our very first conversation, Caroline reinforced my instincts (which I had such little belief in) and said what I needed to hear. Caroline tried to provide a full and thorough service until the very last minute of our package (!) so that we got as much value as we could. She tailored her recommendations completely to us as a family and to my child as an individual and unique baby. Caroline was open to feedback and adjusted her advice if we weren’t sure how it would work for us. She responded very quickly, especially on Whatsapp, even when I didn’t expect a reply!

While I was sceptical at first as to how Caroline would be different to many of the other parenting advisors/sleep trainers etc., I was very quickly impressed and reassured that she would truly provide a holistic and individualised plan for my child, which she ensured would work for us as a family. It was a genuine collaboration and I was encouraged to express any reservations, which allowed us to come up with strategies that I felt much more confident to put into place. Caroline also recommended certain health professionals, as our issues did have a medical component, and wrote useful summaries to them in advance of our appointments. Given that we may not have used her services in the most conventional way, she remained understanding and flexible throughout our time working together, which turned out to be exactly what we needed. Whatever the problem you may be facing, I would highly recommend getting in touch with her. I would recommend Caroline’s services to someone who needs unconditional support, regardless of whether they are at their wit’s end or just need a little reassurance that they are on the right track. Anyone who is finding parenting hard and wants a bespoke service and ideas, rather than all the rigid guidance of parenting books.

Mrs BR


A big thank to Caroline for all your amazing help and dedication these past 4 months. Once again we would never have managed without you. You always go above and beyond for us and we are eternally grateful. You are so special to our family and whilst the reflux/allergy is far from ideal we are thankful for it leading us to you ‚Äď a positive in every way. I have so much respect for you on a professional level but also on a personal level. You inspire me to be a better mum every day. My children are lucky to have your guidance in their lives. You are the best of the best. Thanks again.

Mrs B


Caroline was recommended to me as a maternity nurse by my oldest friend whom I have known for 30 years. Unfortunately, Caroline could not work for us on that basis as she had recently had a child herself around the same time as our eldest child.

We are located in Germany, and as maternity nurses are not common here we employed one who travelled over from England. Unfortunately, the maternity nurse did not fulfil her qualifications and references on paper, therefore after a few days she was sent back to England. After trying to muddle through with our first new born by ourselves, it was my friend who insisted we get in touch with Caroline again and use her consultancy services. I was very reluctant as I felt I didn’t want to bother Caroline at such a difficult time, i.e. a few months after having a child. Furthermore, I was not sure or convinced if someone could really help us in the way we wished to be helped from afar.

Thank goodness I did get in touch. Within days our situation had turned around. I was struggling with breast feeding, and if it weren’t for Caroline’s advice, guidance and support I probably would have given up. Instead she boosted my milk supply, and I carried on breast feeding for 18 months. With my second child I thought breast feeding would be a breeze, but I had different issues, and again Caroline’s support and guidance was invaluable, and has enabled our second child to now enjoy and prosper from the benefits of breast feeding for which we are so grateful.

Caroline’s advice continued through the months and years of our first child, and her wealth of knowledge regarding routines, weaning, potty training, siblings, never ceases to amaze me. Therefore, before our second child was born I booked a 3 month package with Caroline without even thinking for second.

Whether we have booked Caroline on a credit basis, or package basis she always delivers the same service and quality. Sometimes I wonder when Caroline sleeps, as emails are always replied to so quickly and sometimes at all hours of the night!

Furthermore, I find it incredible how she can manage to detect conditions such as tongue tie, and reflux from afar when such conditions have been left undiagnosed by local doctors and midwives.

For these reasons and more I have continually recommended Caroline on, and on, and I shall continue to do so, because without her advice, guidance, support and help with both of my children, I suspect I would have been a very frantic and frustrated mother. Fortunately that was not the case as Caroline gave me the support, and help that I needed to ensure that I felt that someone understood, and that I was not going crazy alone.

I realise that the above is a very personal, and detailed account of my experience, but that is the person I am, and I hope that it might give other mothers the courage to get in touch, and not feel that they should be able to ‚Äėcope‚Äô and ‚Äėmanage‚Äô and do it all alone, as I did at the beginning with my first born.

Good luck!

Mrs Z


After my son was born I wanted to breastfeed, as my husband and I thought it the way of giving our child the best start in life. In the hospital I had some issues getting started, by the second night my nipples were very sore.  I received only a little advice whilst in the hospital, despite asking if I was doing it right and them watching me feed. When home I continued breastfeeding despite my sore nipples, which were now starting to bleed, the only advice from my midwife after watching me feed my son was to give them as much air as possible and cream after feeding.


My son was 4 weeks old and doing well, putting weight on slowly but I was in a terrible state, I dreaded feeding him, what was supposed to be a bonding, special time was turning into a nightmare. I was very worried that he would start to sense my nervous apprehension and start some sort of feeding issue. I was not sure how long I could go on for, my husband and I were starting to think we would have to start bottle feeding, my nipples were sore, bleeding and the right nipple had a cut the full length which would not heal and each time I fed my son it got wider and wider, it was about the same width as a 2 euro coin.

It was then that I saw Caroline’s advert. I called the next day and spoke to her and we arranged a time I could go and see her. She looked at my nipple and then watched me feed my son. Straight away she noticed that my Latch was not correct, no one else had even mentioned the word latch let alone explained what it meant. Caroline showed me how to improve the latch so he was taking in more of the nipple/breast, she explained that he should be taking the entire dark area. I asked about breast feeding pillows/cushion and Caroline let me try one she had and showed me how best to use it. I was also shown different positions to put my son in whilst feeding, one of these, particularly to help the healing of my right nipple, was to turn him round so he was under my arm and that way his tongue would be on the cut and this reduced the pull and pain whilst feeding. Caroline advised what she considered the better ointment to use and even let me have some she had. I could call at any time with a query or problem and visited her several times to ensure things were going well and improving.

Following Caroline's help and advice my nipples started to heal, my confidence grew and after about 2 weeks my breastfeeding nightmare had turned into what it should be a bonding, special time. I continued to breastfeed until my son stopped naturally at 13 months old just the way we wanted it to go.


Mrs F



Caroline has been an absolute life saver.  I have used her with both my boys and they are now great sleepers.  She is a voice of calm and reason when you are at your most tired and fragile.  Her advice is easy to follow and logical.  It is also reassuring that you can contact her for a whole month as by the end of it you will have made enough progress to be confident on your own. I cannot recommend her enough and have done so to all my friends who also rave about her.


Mrs H




Caroline Evans is undoubtedly the best childcare professional we have come across since we became parents four years ago.  She helped us for six months on a consultancy basis following the birth of our third baby and her advice has been absolutely invaluable, such that it feels as if we completely bypassed the 'newborn' phase of sleepless nights and colicky evenings that we had with our older children.  X has settled into life in a busy family without any trouble and I am amazed by how easy a baby he has been.  This is in large part down to Caroline's assistance.  Caroline is a real natural with children and instinctively knows how to handle them, as evidenced by the fact that our older children love having her around, too.

We had never used a maternity nurse before but Caroline is absolutely terrific.  As we were seeking ad-hoc advice, the consultancy service made sense for us.  Caroline arrived three weeks after X was born and within hours had resolved his colicky evenings and had him sleeping much better at night.  Her advice has been sensible, flexible and thoughtfully administered, and she has been on call throughout, providing very swift and detailed responses.  Her troubleshooting skills are second-to-none.  We wholeheartedly recommend Caroline to anyone seeking her services and only wish that we had met her before our first baby arrived!

Mrs R


Having Caroline is like having your doctor, Midwife, Mum, Best-friend and Teacher all rolled in to one fantastic package. There is no problem too big or too small, no issue she hasn‚Äôt seen or heard of, and nothing she won‚Äôt go above and beyond to do for you.¬†¬† My pregnancy wasn‚Äôt easy, my birth wasn‚Äôt a walk in the park either ‚Äď nothing could have aided my preparedness or recovery like Caroline did. When my baby couldn‚Äôt sleep because of reflux it was Caroline who knew what to do, Caroline that got little X back to sleeping at night. With all my difficulties breast feeding, it was of course Caroline, who got us through, who gave us hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Caroline is a specialist like no other, a women that will single handedly guide you through the most amazing mile stone in your life. A specialist member of the family

Mrs C


Caroline Evans is undoubtedly the best childcare professional we have come across since we became parents four years ago.  She helped us for six months on a consultancy basis following the birth of our third baby and her advice has been absolutely invaluable, such that it feels as if we completely bypassed the 'newborn' phase of sleepless nights and colicky evenings that we had with our older children.  X has settled into life in a busy family without any trouble and I am amazed by how easy a baby he has been.  This is in large part down to Caroline's assistance.  Caroline is a real natural with children and instinctively knows how to handle them, as evidenced by the fact that our older children love having her around, too.

We had never used a maternity nurse before but Caroline is absolutely terrific.  As we were seeking ad-hoc advice, the consultancy service made sense for us.  Caroline arrived three weeks after X was born and within hours had resolved his colicky evenings and had him sleeping much better at night.  Her advice has been sensible, flexible and thoughtfully administered, and she has been on call throughout, providing very swift and detailed responses.  Her troubleshooting skills are second-to-none.  We wholeheartedly recommend Caroline to anyone seeking her services and only wish that we had met her before our first baby arrived!

Mrs R


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