Details coming soon, in the meantime below are some testimonials for me speaking and mentoring services. 




I am writing to highly recommend Caroline Evans for her recent informative and captivating presentation at a webinar hosted by The International Nanny Association.

As a member of the Board of Directors and the co-chair of the Education Committee, I had the privilege of facilitating her session.

Caroline demonstrated her expertise in the topic of fostering professional relationships with families right from the start of her presentation. She delivered the content in an engaging and informative manner, which kept the attendees hooked throughout the
entire session.

Caroline has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into
understandable and actionable insights, making her presentation accessible to a wide range of audience members.
Not only did Caroline showcase her expertise during the webinar, but she also demonstrated exceptional professionalism and preparedness. From the initial planning stages to the execution of the event, Caroline was a pleasure to work with. She communicated her needs and requirements proactively, ensuring a seamless and successful webinar experience for all involved.

Furthermore, Caroline's passion for her subject matter was evident in her delivery, inspiring and motivating the audience. Her enthusiasm was contagious, leaving the attendees feeling empowered and inspired to apply the knowledge gained from her presentation in their own lives and work.

In summary, Caroline Evans is a highly skilled and dynamic speaker who would be an asset to any event or organization. Her expertise, professionalism, and passion make her a standout choice for those seeking a knowledgeable and engaging presenter. If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me
regarding Caroline's qualifications or performance at our webinar.

I whole heartedly endorse her.



20/03/2020 Ms N 

I am a sought after and well-loved Maternity Nurse and I credit my career success to my mentor Caroline Evans. Since taking me on as a mentee I have blossomed and really turned my practice into best practice and become more of an advocate for baby and a compassionate care giver for the whole family. 
I endeavour to emulate her philosophy but she has never dictated this to me, rather held a mirror up to me and allowed me to find myself. She believes in me wholly, even when I may falter in that respect. She checks in regularly if she hasn’t heard from me, her presence unwavering and non-intrusive. And when I have reached out to her she has made space and time relevant to my needs. She calms me down, teaches me, raises me, supports me and shares me with her colleagues and clients and them with me.
The biggest flattery is having someone who believes in you sending you out into the field with their recommendation and Caroline has never made me feel like this was a favour. She now calls me a colleague but I believe that to hold that title I’d have to be as amazing as she is - as knowledgeable, as disciplined, as dedicated. Needless to say, she remains my role model. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am in my career without her support and I hope that I continue to make her proud and she continues to make me a better MN




01/03/2020 Mrs ND - Postnatal Carer & Burnout Recovery Life Coach.


I ave known Caroline as a colleague and mentor for upward of 5+yrs now and have only the highest praise for her.

Having studied and worked alongside Caroline myself, can I honestly say I’ve never met someone so dedicated to ensuring the best care, advice and guidance is given to her clients based on the most current & up-to-date research. 

Caroline is such a loving & supportive woman and this shines through whether speaking to her on email, video call and especially in person. 

With the combination of genuine caring support, her own personal experience in the non-medical maternity world and well researched evidence-based knowledge of child and newborn care, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone better to guide you during those early years.

HM 22/09/2022

From the minute I spoke to Caroline, I felt she wanted to know style...and then felt confident she could put that on paper for me! She came up trumps, proud of my CV!!

21/03/2023 – Ms CM

I hadn’t used a therapist whilst nannying previously when working in a high profile, very demanding role where you have to constantly be on your toes analysing both staff and children, but it was incredibly helpful to have Caroline’s very calm demeanour offering advice which is focussed on a child’s emotional wellbeing. She is insightful, always on hand when you need her and will come up with innovative ways to a problem if the first option does not work! I would recommend Caroline to another family if the need were to arise for one.

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