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We have been using Caroline for many years now and wouldn’t change a thing. Caroline has been marvellous with all my 3 children, very reliable and always so understanding. The children always came back with something that they created, made or invented. They absolutely love going and having fun. Caroline is fair and her precious experience and support with our children is priceless.

Mrs DM


Caroline Evans has worked for us for the last 8 years in a variety of roles; as a maternity nurse when our third child was born, as a proxy parent when my husband and I have both been travelling and as an extra pair of hands while we have been on holiday in France. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a proxy parent to anyone. She is calm, organised, responsible and a very safe and capable pair of hands in which to leave your children. Most recently, she looked after our children for 5 days while my husband and I were in New York. We have three children aged 9, 7 and 6 at two different schools which involves a lot of juggling of timings of pick-ups and drop-offs as well as driving on narrow country roads. The children were well looked-after and cared for, actually they probably had a better time than had we been there as she is great with craft and general creative activities. Their homework and music practice was all done. The house was clean and tidy with the washing and the ironing dealt with. And our children view her delightful son as their little brother.


Mrs H





As a working single Mum I needed someone to help with childcare and Caroline was contacted. Caroline had my son from 15 months to 4 ½ years.

My son loves going to Carolines he is always kept busy with activities and is always given wonderful home cooked food. Also Caroline speaks French with him which gave him an advantage when he started school so he understood what was being asked of him. As we live in France. Caroline is very loyal, understanding, helpful, compassionate, a great listener and advice giver. Caroline has helped with my sons potty training and helped me to work out he has a dairy allergy and he is now so much happier without dairy in his diet. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Caroline.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to anyone.


Mrs R



Caroline watched our little boy for the day while my wife and I attended a wedding. She was fantastic. As we were on holiday and did not have much in the way of toys she came with a box full for our son to play with. She also brought her son along, and for the remainder of the holiday he kept asking when he was going to see them again. She was very flexible and happily stayed longer than planned and kept our son busy with a trip to the park, swimming, and painting. We would highly recommend Caroline and will use her again if we are ever back in the area.


Mr M




Caroline has babysat and proxy parented for us countless times over the last 11 years. She was also a maternity nanny to our youngest (now aged 10). She is incredibly professional and loving at the same time and the children (even though we now have a teenage) love nothing more than spending time with her. She has been a constant in our lives and anyone else who is able to make her a constant in theirs is incredibly lucky.


Mrs H





Caroline Looked after our two children (5&7) for two days while we were on holiday in the Dordogne. She was extremely competent and knowledgeable and was also really friendly. Our kids loved having her over to our holiday house while we went for two adult day trips. She brought along plenty of age appropriate games and crafts, the children were delighted to have something new to do.

Overall I think Caroline was lovely and perfect for the job. I would highly recommend her to families needing childminding in the Dordogne!

Thank you Caroline

Mrs K




Caroline worked as a nanny for my twin girls and two young babies for a period of several months. She had a natural rapport with the children. She has a caring approach to the children in her care defining clear behavioural parameters whilst creating a sense of fun and security for all children. She is well organised, reliable, honest and trustworthy. Caroline is also intelligent, speaking both French and English.

I would highly recommend Caroline.

Mrs A




Caroline has looked after my two children E 7 and L 4. Her help has been invaluable. E and L adore her. She has a knack of knowing how they are feeling and is able to work out how to plan the day so they are both kept happy. This is actually an almost impossible task as they are different ages and sexes and have different interests. But far over and above this L has many allergies including foods, animals and dust to name a few.

Her job entails far more responsibility than the normal responsibilities of looking after a child/children as she has to be completely alert at all times where L is concerned in case he comes up against something that could trigger an allergic reaction. And to be able to cook different meals at the same time to ensure he doesn’t consume something that could be a danger to his system. She had to make sure he has his proper cream on in the sun, special cream applied after bath time, special medicines for asthma and eczema, be able to bath both children without L coming in to contact with soap etc. Ie take on the role of the nurse as well.

We are extremely lucky that Caroline has been able to bring such love and joy to E and L through her lovely soft caring and intelligent nature. She has been an absolute Godsend to me, my children and my family as a whole. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Mrs W




Caroline has looked after R since R was 2 yrs old. Caroline is always gentle and kind with all the children in her care. R has always been very happy with her. Caroline is accommodating and flexible with her hours and has always fitted R in when I needed her. R always comes home with lovely paintings and things she has made with Caroline, and stories of the walks they have been on. Caroline is always very patient with the children and has encouraged R in many ways especially teaching her to try different foods. Caroline is calm and trustworthy and all the children adore her.


Mrs L




Caroline has been a part time nanny for my son D from the age of 15 months until 2 ½ years. In this time I have found her to be the most trustworthy, responsible and intelligent person I could hope for in helping to bring up my small child. Caring for and teaching children comes completely natural to Caroline and added to this, her ability to set boundaries while at the same time fully allowing for development to take place makes her perfect for the job.  

Caroline’s capacity to be both calm and warm towards D has made a great deal of difference to his confidence and growth during his first formative years. Caroline gives a 100% to her work and therefore I do not hesitate to recommend her highly enough.


Mrs G




My partner and I have employed Caroline and we could not recommend any one more devoted or capable than she is.

Her sense of responsibility, patients and love for the children and her great imagination for lots of different activities, were attributes and qualities that we considered necessary to the good stability and development of out child. Caroline looked after our daughter from 3 months until she was 4 years old. And we could not have been happier.







Caroline worked for us as a live in nanny for 5 weeks whilst my wife recovered from major surgery. Although my wife was in the house a lot of the time Caroline had sole charge of B 3ys and G 20 months.

In short Caroline is a gem. She inspired total confidence in her abilities from day one and the children really loved her. We noticed from an early stage how she always built them up encouraging them constantly. She always stayed calm no matter what the circumstances and always spoke kindly to them. She worked very happily within the children’s normal routine, whilst at the same time introducing her own ideas (which without fail obtained a very favourable response). In no time at all she made huge strides in potty training B and never once skirted from the less pleasant tasks of childcare such as these.

Caroline clearly has a great ability to quickly access a child’s stage of development and then to play to his or her strengths and also improve any weaker areas. Caroline also had no problems at all with the fact that B has to have a milk, wheat and gluten free diet and we trusted her totally to ensure this was stuck to.   She is an able cook whether it be homemade biscuits or main meals. She was also excellent when it came to arts and crafts, always full of ideas that were a real “hit” with the children.

Caroline lived with us for 5 weeks, including sharing our bathroom; she was always tidy and never got in the way. In fact we could not have asked for any one more flexible. To be honest we both really enjoyed her company and will miss her very much.

We would ask Caroline to look after our children again without any reservations whatsoever. We would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone considering Caroline to work with their children.


Mr H




My husband and I have known Caroline since 2005 when she first came to stay with us when our regular Nanny was away. Since that time Caroline has accompanied us on our annual two week European holiday and also returned to cover for further holidays of our regular nanny.

Caroline is extremely well liked by our two boys M3 and B1. They look forward to her visits and the interesting and varied activities which she plans for them.   She is particularly creative with her art and craft activities.

Caroline is an extremely reliable and trustworthy person who has shown herself willing to be flexible and has also put herself out to help us from time to time. She is very easy to have around the house and is considerate of our position as parents whist making sure the care of the boys is her priority.

We particularly like the way she stays in touch with the boys between visits so she remains a familiar person in their lives.

We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for temporary childcare assistance.


Mrs F




Caroline Evans worked for me for 3 weeks as a proxy parent in December 2005. Her duties included (and by no means limited to) caring for my three children aged 12, 10 and 4, shopping, cleaning, looking after the animals (dogs and chickens) and generally stepping in to my shoes whilst I was working in Australia. I cannot over emphasise how fantastically she undertook all of the jobs; how the children loved her (building castles with the youngest and dealing with pony club for the oldest); how she got on superbly with the other staff-au-pair and cleaner (which is usually the downfall) and how impressed my husband and I were with her professionalism.

I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline to anybody who needs a capable, friendly, enthusiastic and flexible nanny. I only wish she could stay with us permanently.


Princess CDR




Caroline Evans has worked twice for me on long term weekly assignments and has done impeccable job for me with the care of my three children.   Her attention to detail to detail of keeping the children safe and occupied is certainly one of her strong points of being a teacher and caregiver. I would trust her emphatically with children of any age and with special needs.

Mrs S





Caroline stayed with us as a full time nanny looking after our children A 4yrs and L 10 months. Caroline was highly professional and her qualites and skills in all areas of childcare, communication and consultation were outstanding and I would not hesitate in recommending her to other parents.

In particular I would like to commend her for;

Handling one child suffering badly from chicken pox and home all week

Her excellent knowledge of nutrition, inclusion of fruit, vegetables and cooking varied meals

Her activities, arts, crafts, drawing, planting of sunflower seeds, trips to the park for both the baby and the child

Her conscientious review of our routine, diary system, expenses folder and review of handover notes

Above all her charm and enthusiasm in being with children.


Mrs SH




Caroline worked as a proxy parent for our 10 month old son for one week. She came highly recommended by a friend to whom we will be forever thankful.

Our plans for our week away changed very last minute and Caroline was very good at adapting to spending the first half of the week with both parents at home and the second half of the week as a proxy parent. Caroline slipped in to our family life effortlessly. Her thoughtful nature, professionalism and love and care for our son made her a joy to have around. Our son took to her calm and gentle presence immediately. She had plenty of stimulating games appropriate for his age and a huge reservoir of enthusiasm. He was very clearly happy and relaxed in her presence.

Caroline’s love of babies is obvious and her seemingly endless knowledge of anything baby related is reassuring and helpful. She helped with progressing our son on to more solid food and had many good tips to help him off his dummy.

We trusted Caroline 100% with our son and would have no hesitation in recommending her. If she is available to help you – Grab her!


Mrs G




Caroline has looked after my 4yr old and 10 month old without issue. The 4 year old enjoyed it so much he asked when he could go again! I am sure my 10 month old would have no trouble going again either.

Mrs R


Caroline was my maternity nurse for both children now aged 3 and 5, and she has since returned to Proxy Parent for us whilst we went to the USA last year and brought her son who was 8 months at the time with her. I couldn't recommend Caroline highly enough. Thorough, thoughtful and caring the children adored her as did I. She kept in great communication with us whilst we were away despite the time difference and all the children were cared for excellently - peace of mind for me and my husband.

Mrs S

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