Consultancy Rates.


Below I outline some of my fees for individual clients (corporate rates available on request). These fees are reviewed annually.

As my service is bespoke I am happy to discuss building a personalised package better responding to your needs and can quote a fee for this accordingly.


Hourly troubleshooting/ consultancy charges:

One off phone consultation package including reviewing any information provided prior to the telephone consultation, a 1hr phone consultation and a follow up email outlining any strategies discussed during the consultation - £150 / 175€

The above plan with an additional follow up call to be used within 2 weeks- £200/235€

If you prefer just a one off phone consultation without the added extras then the prices are as follows:

Hourly rates for emails or telephone consultations: £50 / 59€ per hour in 15 minute increments (this is the time to read and reply). Hourly credit purchased up front and call/email is deducted from this. Minimum 1 hour. Anyone using hourly credit for a call who cancels/resechedules their call with less than 24hrs notice will be charged a £25 / 29.50€ cancellation fee (this will be deducted from your credit). 

Contact via what’s app or text messaging are only available as part of a monthly package.


Telephone calls are at booked times and where possible I will provide a slot within 48 hours of request, sooner if urgent.

Payment is made in advance in multiples of £50 / 59€ so you buy x number of hours and then I deduct the time accordingly. The credit expires after 1 year (unless an extensions is requested and if so the credit will last another 1 year before it expires if unused). If a one off phone consultation package is booked payment is made in advance and any additional phone time needed will be invoiced afterwards.

Home visits - contact me for prices based on your specific need.


Monthly packages (I only take on a certain number of these so you would need to check I have space).

Monthly packages are built to include : Unlimited email (response guaranteed within 48hrs unless otherwise informed), unlimited Whats app/messaging and booked call time / video observations. 


My unlimited monthly package includes:

Initial phone consultation plus unlimited email/Whats app/ booked calls for a month.

(48hr turnaround for emails, 24hrs for Whats app, and I attempt to find a call slot within 48hrs where possible)

£395/ 460€ month


A 10% discount is offered on all block bookings of 3 months or more. Block bookings are often a great “New Baby” option to get you through the first few months of baby’s life., but of course blocks can be booked for a child of any age.


Post Natal Care (non medical 'Maternity Nurse').

Fees available on request and will be dependent on location, and number of babies!


Temporary Nanny / Local babysitting

Fees available on request.


For any further details please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Last updated -01.01.2024. Euro rates may be revised depending on the exchange rate.

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