Nurturing Newborns

Post Natal care and support of mother and newborn.


Caroline returned to work for us as a maternity nurse to help us with our third child. We had had a wonderful experience with her helping us with our second and had every confidence that this would be repeated.

She is extremely professional and can draw upon a wealth of experience. She also makes sure that she is always up to speed with new information regarding new-borns. We found this particularly helpful when she assisted with ideas for dealing with acid reflux. She was invaluable at helping integrate the new-born with her brother and sister. Both of our other children grew extremely fond of her. We attribute this to her easy going nature and willingness to fit into a family environment.

I would have no concerns in recommending her as a maternity nurse. Her support and knowledge about breastfeeding is also invaluable, even third time around!

Lady V


Caroline stayed with us for 3 weeks to help us with X when he was ten days old. Caroline exceeded our expectations in every single respect.

As first time parents, we were looking for a maternity nurse who would be able to guide us through all the elements of bringing up a baby, including breastfeeding, getting the baby into a routine, understanding the baby’s different needs and demands etc. Caroline helped with all of these things, whilst at the same time going out of her way to support us around the house generally to enable my husband and I to properly enjoy such a special and memorable time with our newborn.

Caroline has an absolute wealth of knowledge about babies and is constantly reading up on the latest know-how. Caroline is thoughtful, caring, practical, a natural with babies and a delight to have around generally. She struck the perfect balance between being informative and helpful without being at all imposing or overbearing. Her genuinely caring nature was not only clear from the way she looked after X but also by the amount of times she has been in touch with us since she left and she is always happy to help with any follow up questions we have had.

We therefore have no reservation in highly recommending Caroline to anyone looking for a maternity nurse, and would be happy to discuss any elements of this reference with anyone who wishes to do so.

Mrs R


It is difficult to sum up in words Caroline’s unique personal qualities, her wealth of experience and natural gift with babies and children. Instead, I look at our gorgeous baby daughter, who has happily settled into life with a gentle routine, knowing that her parents can now understand and respond to her cues. The happiness of our little baby bears testament to all Caroline’s hard work, patience and experience. Caroline has helped to give our little girl the very best start in life and eased our transition from being a couple to a new family in the smoothest way imaginable. For this, we will always be extremely grateful.

Not wanting to dwell on the negatives, but it hasn’t been the easiest of periods for us. From the outset, I struggled to establish breastfeeding. Caroline spotted that our daughter was tongue-tied and used her experience and skills to progress feeding. While our little girl’s birth weight dropped in the first few days (as in normal with newborns), she quickly bounced back to above her birth weight during the period Caroline was with us- again thanks to Caroline’s guidance we would have struggled to establish a workable feeding routine and probably ended up back in hospital with an underweight baby, as was the case for several Mums and babies in our NCT class.

Caroline has a very natural gift with babies and children who naturally connect with her warm rapport. Her “magic hands” have soothed our little girl on countless occasions and she has passed on her soothing techniques to us. This has enabled us to calm and settle our little girl at difficult times when we would otherwise have found it very difficult.

Our home felt very empty after Caroline left. She was such a pleasure to have staying with us, always helping with general household tasks without being asked and thoughtfully making life easier for me, whether that be putting a wash on, un-stacking the dishwasher or cooking us an evening meal.

On a personal level, Caroline is one of the most genuine, sincere, thoughtful and warm individuals we have ever met and we feel very privileged that she had been part of such a special time in our lives. She has been the most enormous support to us both practically and emotionally. Without reservation, we are happy to provide Caroline with the highest of personal recommendations, should you with to contact us.

Kindest Regards,

Mr and Mrs C


Background: Caroline arrived 5 days after our first baby, A, arrived by planned C-section due to breech. It was a week earlier than we had originally booked her for, but she was happy to bring it forward at the last minute, cutting short her holiday.

Caroline is exactly, actually no- much, much more- than what I hoped for from a maternity nurse. We had met several times before she arrived, and she was clearly highly knowledgeable and a very caring and thoughtful person. Over the 3 weeks that Caroline stayed with us, she was unstinting in ensuring that I was a comfortable, calm, rested and confident as I could be. We had several complications in those early weeks, including failure to latch (that was eventually confirmed as tongue tie, though every midwife we saw missed this and it was only due to Caroline’s expertise and contacts that it was finally confirmed)….and Caroline showed just how much experience she has in advising me through a difficult time and ensured that we saw the very best people possible. In fact, she was so wonderful during these issues, that they didn’t actually feel like issues at all. Even taking into account what a potentially emotional and exhausting time it can be for first-time mothers, I can honestly say that these first few weeks felt like a breeze, and when Caroline left, I left very confident, all thanks to her calming influence and meticulous approach.

In addition to all the maternity help and her wealth of knowledge, that is second to none, Caroline is an incredibly kind, discreet, wonderful person who clearly absolutely adores babies, and an absolute joy to have to stay. I would have 100% confidence leaving my children in her care for any length of time. We had many giggles and we hugely missed having her around when she left. I very much hope Caroline will be a permanent fixture in A’s life and that she will be with us for all future babies…even if as a result of her huge popularity as a maternity nurse we have to plan the babies around gaps in her diary! We all feel very lucky indeed to have Caroline there for the first few weeks of A’s life.


Mr and Mrs G


The first thing that struck me about Caroline is that nothing fazes her. We live on a remote off grid farm and had never considered we would find a maternity nurse happy to manage a generator! A friend recommended Caroline to us and we will be forever grateful. She could not have been more perfect.

Caroline is just lovely to be around. Her good humour, adaptability and calmness is a very special combination. She has a great ability to observe exactly what is needed at any given time and fill the gap. Her care of the baby was outstanding, she discovered he had reflux within days of arriving and went to great lengths to find a routine to manage it. By the time she left, before he was six weeks old he was down to one night feed and in very little pain. I am very grateful for the effort and support she gave to us.

Caroline left me with so much more confidence than when she came. My oldest boy at eighteen months was beginning to demonstrate all the toddler traits, and I learnt so much about how to handle him. She has an extraordinary way with children.

I think the most important thing for any parents is the knowledge that their children could not be in better hands.

I trust her implicitly and anybody who employs her is very, very lucky to have her.

Mrs SD


Caroline Evans worked for us as a maternity nurse for 4 weeks and to assist with our 2nd child.

She was completely wonderful with the baby and immediately got him settled into a lovely gentle routine. She was also invaluable in assisting with early diagnosis of silent reflux and juggling his prescriptions so that they had the maximum results.

She was a joy to have as part of our family and wonderfully easy to live with. She was also extremely helpful with our fractious and jealous toddler. Her tips for dealing with both children are invaluable.

We are all so extremely sad to see her go and would recommend her to any family. We would welcome her back at any time.

Mrs V


Caroline has been a maternity nurse for both of my children –now 18 months and 10 weeks. She has also provided a proxy parent role to both children.

My husband and I asked her back for our second child due to the expert care she provided for the first and the ongoing support that she has shown. She is outstanding in every facet of the job.

We consider her the best in the business and have recommended her to all of our friends.

She has the ideal temperament to fit into our home and has proved stead fast, calm and dependable in all situations. She is not reluctant to ‘get involved’ with the everyday activities in the home and to lend a hand with other children. Her role as a support provider is all encompassing and adaptable given the demands of the role.

Her knowledge of the field is exceptional. She has read around the subject and brings many theories and methods of looking after a child’s needs into her care repertoire.

I frequently ask for her advice on the ongoing care of my children and in moments of panic she has always been there on the end of the phone.

I sincerely believe that my children’s excellent sleep and feeding patterns are owed to the theories and schedules put in place by Caroline and the confidence that she gave me to uphold them.

Her gentle, kind and considerate nature makes her the perfect person to merge with your family life and make the arrival of a young baby the most enjoyable experience it possibly can be.

I trust her implicitly with the care of my children and have every confidence in her ability to fulfil the role of maternity nurse and proxy parent.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Mrs M



Caroline was highly recommended to us by a close friend for our third baby. I was quite apprehensive as to how I would cope with three kids but, with Caroline's help, the post-natal weeks were by far the easiest and most enjoyable compared to the first and second time.


Caroline arrived during the second week and immediately tackled the breast feeding problems I was having, which was a huge relief and I never looked back. She was a great source of comfort to all of us, most of all to my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Caroline kept them on track when their lives were temporarily turned upside down and stepped in for school runs as well as taking them to museums, parks with picnics or just reading, playing and cooking with them at home, all of which I found very difficult to do in the early weeks. She just instinctively knew what to do or how to deal with a tantrum without me having to intervene and we felt entirely comfortable with her manner.


Caroline also kept me on track and reassured me through all the ups and downs and insisted on me taking ample rest. My husband felt so relieved to have Caroline at home with us whilst he went through one of his busier times at work.

With her gentle and calm, fun and friendly manner, her endless interest of all things baby and child related and her ability to just fit immediately into a new environment, I think anyone would be mad not to choose her. I wouldn't think twice about asking Caroline back to help us and I am very happy to give any further reference if required.


Mrs K


Caroline is a maternity nurse of the highest calibre. When my daughter was born Caroline worked for us for two weeks. She was excellent at her job.

Caroline was fantastic with our baby J. Even though J was often unhappy and unsettled Caroline found a way to soothe, distract and appease her. She took all her duties very seriously- always making sure J was comfortable. I trusted Caroline completely.

Most importantly she helped us put J in to a routine. Having a new baby can be exhausting but Caroline took the pressure away. When Caroline finished her time with us we were devastated to say good bye, but felt much more able to cope with the demands of a new family.   Caroline balanced care for our baby with care for our toddler too. She has an amazing ability to bond with all ages. Should we have any more children in the future we will be booking Caroline well in advance to be our maternity nurse.

There are few words that truly describe how good Caroline is at her profession. Any family that is lucky enough to hire her will not be disappointed. Caroline is an expert.

Mrs P



Caroline came to us to be a maternity nurse for our second son. She arrived when my baby was 10 days old and was with us for two weeks. In that time Caroline helped me establish a practical routine for my baby that particularly helped to fit in with my first son. She took care of absolutely everything to do with the newborn. From doing all the night feeds to sterilising, taking care of the baby to washing allowing me lots of time to recover.

During these two weeks Caroline was invaluable. Not only did she completely take care of me and my new born, but as a professional nanny she was able to deal with my first born son who was 20 months when his brother was born. I can honestly say that as a result we had no jealousy issues at all and he really enjoyed having Caroline around.

In fact we all enjoyed having Caroline with us as she is extremely easy to get on with and must be the easiest person I have had to stay!

I would highly recommend Caroline to a future employer.

Mrs O


I have recently had my third child and I employed Caroline to come and help me for 5 weeks. She came to me on the recommendation of a friend and I will be forever indebted to her for introducing me to Caroline. I have two girls age six and four so it was important to me to find someone who would be happy to help in all aspects of family life and particularly help cope with older siblings.

From the outset Caroline has been a wonderful support. First and foremost she has a natural way with babies and children. She is very calm and confident and she has not only been very professional in her in her work but she is also a warm and lovely person to have around. Her care for my newborn son has been outstanding. It being my third child I already had experience of newborns so she was very sensitive about taking on board the way I have done things in the past and also fantastic at keeping me up to date on the latest ideas and approaches for caring for newborns. She also helped me develop a routine around my older girls school runs, meal times, bath time etc so that when she left I was not left totally unable to work everything around my day to day routines. She is very thorough and diligent in everything she does with my baby and I can say with every confidence that I would trust her implicitly with the care of not only my baby but also my older girls.

In terms of her support beyond my baby, as I mentioned above she has really helped me with my older girls- from explaining to them about the baby, to preparing their meals and doing their bath time so that I could feed the baby. She has also taken them off on little trips when I have needed a quiet afternoon! Her previous experience as a nanny has been obvious. She has also spent time teaching my au-pair about how to look after the baby – from how to hold a baby to feeding them and changing nappies- Something all first time mothers and fathers will appreciate.

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough, whether it be for a first time mother or someone on their second/third child. She is a pleasure to have around and she is just so easy and accommodating to everyone’s needs.

Mrs D


We were clueless first time parents on meeting Caroline at just 10 weeks pregnant. Caroline was just completing a month’s work with a great friends of ours third baby. Our friends considered Caroline to be head and shoulders above their previous maternity nurses, and we booked her on the spot.

I was a great decision as her love for babies and her job shines through. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have learnt from someone so caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful. She was a pillar of strength throughout her month with us and was wonderful support to mother and father. Her knowledge of maternity childcare is gleaned from more than 10 years experience and extensive reading and appeared limitless.

Caroline is appropriate at all times and she fitted in to our family on the first night. She made a potentially stressful period a genuine pleasure. We recommend Caroline without reservations.

Mr and Mrs M


Caroline Evans worked for us for three weeks as a maternity nurse following the birth of our first child. With her calm presence she instilled a confidence in us from the minute she arrived. She brilliantly took in to consideration our needs and combined them with her expertise to create a routine to suit us as well as the baby.

Caroline is an absolute joy to have around –her calm presence, extensive knowledge and gentle manner helped to provide the confidence we needed. She was absolutely invaluable to both myself and the baby when we decided to have him circumcised – she brilliantly helped me to cope with the aftercare and adapted the routine in the early days to ensure the baby was extremely well cared for and his needs accommodated - I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her.

Above all, her kind nature, good humour, endless advice and wonderful forward planning – she is always one step ahead of the game - made it the most enjoyable three weeks. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with Caroline will agree she is an utter joy to have in your home, (we are devastated our time has come to an end so quickly) and I’m sure will be as impressed with her as we were.

I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough and hope that she’ll have space in her busy schedule to visit us very soon!

Mrs S


Words cannot begin to describe how much we have appreciated all your support over the last three weeks and even before that during my pregnancy. We simply couldn’t have coped without you. You have instilled in us an understanding of what X wants and needs and with that, has come confidence. Your wealth of experience and advice has been invaluable particularly on breastfeeding. On a personal level, I will never forget and will always be grateful for your immense support and strength during one of the most difficult periods of my life – embracing the joy of parenthood and mourning the loss of a parent. Thank you for everything.

Mrs C

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